Mr & Mrs Prasetyo

Semua celoteh dalam blog ini adalah pengingat kami..

tentang kerikil, debu, tetes hujan, sinar bulan, kerlip bintang, dan sinar matahari yang pernah dan masih akan membentuk kami menjadi kami yang sekarang.

tentang betapa
TUHAN selalu menyayangi kami, melimpahi kami dengan banyak sekali keajaiban dan kebaikan, bahwa DIA terkadang menegur kami tanpa pernah benar-benar marah dan memusuhi kami.

This blog ain’t about a cinderella story..

We’ve faced the hardest journeys, but after all we’re happy for who we are now, for what we’ve done.. as a family.

Mr. & Mrs. Prasetyo..

They had a crush on each other for the first time in front of Graha XL Center Mangkubumi on 2006 and declared their love on 20th March 2007.

After 2,5 years, they’re legally bound by law and religion on 29 November 2009.

On 4th October 2010, God complete their love with the presence of a baby boy, Arkana Dananjaya Prasetyo, exactly one month before celebrating their first wedding anniversary.

They prefer to call themselves best friend, brother and sister, teacher and student, and somehow partner in crime 😀

They don’t sweat the small things but love to spend hours and hours in the middle of the night just for an easy conversation..


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